Amazon Corporate Gift Card Program

Amazon Corporate Gift Card Program

  • Organization: Amazon (2014-15)
  • My role: Sr. UX designer (Flows, Wireframes, Mocks, Research, Visual Assets); UX Manager - managed a UX designer to update the second phase.
  • Additional Credits: Sofware Dev Manager: Devinderjit Singh. Justin Matelson, Sales Operations. Visual Design: Steve Karlson.
  • Website: Amazon


Business customers who needed to purchase gift cards, typically to distribute as incentives to employees, customers or clients, had to contact a sales representative on the phone to get qualified and place their orders. These customers were global (all Amazon regions), and processes for completing their order included mailing forms back and forth, wiring funds, and waiting for brand approval from Amazon. The process could take months to initially setup and weeks for one order. These orders were as large as $1 million a year or more, and many of their processes could be automated, including transfterring funds for making an order.


We had a phased approach to setup a self-service site for several tiers of business customers, using an agile sprint methodology. First, we launched a simple registration site and sitenav. Then, we added a way to order the gift cards through the site using a PO system. Then, we added the ability to complete a wire transfer for the order through an independent checkout pipeline. And finally, we added a dashboard with an account where they could hold funds for future orders (prepay).

Business Goals

  1. Move tools for placing bulk business orders from exernal PeopleSoft suite to internal pages where corp customers can complete the orders themselves with minimal attention by sales ops staff.

Success Measures

  1. Decrease sales ops time per account
  2. Increase clickthrough for new corp account contacts through landing page
  3. Increase leads generated through site

User Goals (all locales)

  1. Purchase large GC order with Amazon in less than 10 minutes (rather than 1.5 days)


I worked closely with the sales team who assisted the customers to learn requirements and setup user interviews and testing. I created user profiles and personas, and then tested early prototypes with a wide range of existing customers.


I created a separate subsite of Amazon for business customers to sign into and manage gift card purchasing separately from their other Amazon purchases, with separate account management and access for multiple staff. I mirrored the basic detail page structure for consumer gift cards, making denominations exposed for easy selection, and created an upload template for importing a bulk spreadsheet. I also created custom emails and updated the eGift card versions. I created a separate version for pre-pay customers, because their gift card codes were completely automated in the delivery process with no "ordering" necessary per se.


  1. Timing: All of the major phases were launched ontime, although some of the more complex features were delayed.

  2. Sale Duration: Feedback indicated that sales were being completed from several days to weeks less time.

  3. Traffic: Leads increased by 10% directly from the new landing page.

  4. Customer Contacts: Customer feedback and sales team feedback was extremely positive.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Marketing Landing Page
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Bulk eGift Card Ordering Page
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Bulk Plastic Card Ordering Page
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Bulk Gift Card Codes Ordering Page
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Pre-Pay Account Dashboard
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Funds Balance Account and Order History
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