Flexcar Scheduler

Flexcar Scheduler

  • Organization: Blink Interactive / Flexcar
  • Timeframe: 2006
  • My role: Sr. UX Designer (wireframes, flows)


Customers needed a more efficient way to evaluate all of the car options available for their schedule, including distance from their location.

Key Challenges

At the time, the primary difficulty was that cars could be dropped off at various locations. So, while you might have a very few locations that could be reserved well in advance, there may be many vehicles that are available nearby close to the hour that it is needed. Customer's needed a "reserve ahead" view as well as a "what is open now" view. We didn't have enough data on customers as this was a new service to inform which mode would be more prevalent.


A two-panel approach worked best to use a map view at the same time as a schedule view, because the car availability could influence the customer to change their timing. The goal was to show the availability of the cars as much as the user's schedule.


  1. The client was very happy with the results, but we didn't gather any statistics on actual launch.

Car Reservations

Dashboard - enter the time

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Select available vehicle

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Add an hour

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